A new OBERON article was published in epidemiology
9 July 2024
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An association between EDs and metabolic syndrome in children? Metabolic Syndrome is the association of various pathologies related to poor health of the metabolism. Thus, it can group cardiovascular diseases with obesity and type 2 diabetes among other health issues. Currently, it affects 1 in 4 adults worldwide.  This article by Nuria Güil-Oumrait from ISGlobal, Read the full article…

New OBERON publication
8 July 2024
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Association between mother's diet during pregnancy, exposure to POPs and obesity An article by German Cano Sancho published last year shows athe correlation between the mother's nutrition during pregnancy and the impact of the exposure to POPs on childhood obesity. A previous publication by Nuria Güil already states of an association between prenatal exposure to Read the full article…

Final Annual Meeting
21 May 2024
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OBERON 5th Annual Meeting OBERON project held its 5th and final annual meeting on the 16th and 17th of May 2024. This meeting was in Paris, France where the coordinator team at Inserm is based. Coordinator Karine Audouze chaired the meeting and presented alongside partners from Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche, RECETOX, IBP, ISGlobal, Ineris, Read the full article…

New OBERON publication on liver metabolic disruption
15 May 2024
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OBERON models and tools in other application A study by Recetox and the Czech Science Foundation project, focuses on a hepatotoxic cyanotoxin cylindrospermopsin. This study does not investigate Endocrine Disruption but it addresses liver metabolic disruption using 3D in vitro model and tools developed within the OBERON project. Those tools were used to study metabolic Read the full article…

New OBERON publication on AOP-Wiki
8 March 2024
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New publication on the use of the AOP-Wiki database Since today, the 8th of March, an article authored by Thomas Jaylet (Université Paris Cité) is accessible in Frontiers. The article showcases the AOP-Wiki database and investigates available AOPs. This work allows for a mapping of current knowledge and understanding of diseases at a molecular level. Read the full article…

EDCs and childhood Body Mass Index
12 December 2023
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Prenatal Exposure to Multiple EDCs and Childhood BMI Trajectories This article by ISGlobal partner, shows an association between EDCs and childrens BMI gain. The EDCs of interest are HCB, DDE, PCBs, and perfluorononanoic acid (PFNA). Studying the INMA cohort, a cohort studied in OBERON, the authors found an association between prenatal exposure to EDCs, particularly persistent Read the full article…

New publication on prenatal exposure to EDs
6 July 2023
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New article presenting results on prenatal exposure to pollutants associated to symptoms at preadolescence A new article by Elke Rouxel (Inserm) is showing associations between prenatal exposure to pollutants and biomarkers later in life. Our team in Rennes studied the association between prenatal POP (persistent organic pollutants) exposure and preadolescent cardiometabolic health. Incorporating data from Read the full article…

New publication on Zebrafish
26 May 2023
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New OBERON Article presenting results on steatosis in zebrafish A new article by former OBERON PhD Hélène Le Mentec is showing OBERON results for Zebrafish steatosis. Our team in Rennes, developed a new in vivo bioassay called StAZ (Steatogenic Assay on Zebrafish). It is using an alternative model to animal experimentation, Taking advantage of zebrafish Read the full article…

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