EURION New Policy Brief!

Written by AD SPM on March 7, 2022 in Dissemination News & Press Releases

Towards safer chemicals recommendations for reliable test methods to identify endocrine disruptors (EDs)

A new policy brief published outlines recommendations for test methods to identify endocrine disruptors (ED).

Existing regulations require pesticides and antimicrobial agents to undergo an ED assessment, but legislation will soon require thousands more industrial chemicals to fulfil the same requirements. Current testing methods for a range of ED-related disorders lack sensitivity to detect new chemicals and their adverse effects. 

The policy brief explains how EDs have been linked to public health issues including obesity, diabetes, neurodevelopmental delay and fertility disorders. It shows how each of the 8 EURION projects will support the development of internationally harmonised strategies and guidelines for testing EDs and assessing these associated health risks.

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