New publication on Zebrafish

Written by AD SPM on May 26, 2023 in Dissemination

New OBERON Article presenting results on steatosis in zebrafish

A new article by former OBERON PhD Hélène Le Mentec is showing OBERON results for Zebrafish steatosis.
Our team in Rennes, developed a new in vivo bioassay called StAZ (Steatogenic Assay on Zebrafish). It is using an alternative model to animal experimentation,
Taking advantage of zebrafish larvae’s
the transparency,  a method based on fluorescent staining with Nile red to estimate liver lipid content was developped. Following testing of known steatogenic molecules, 10 EDCs suspected to induce metabolic disorders were screened.
DDE, the main metabolite of the insecticide DDT, was identified as a potent inducer of steatosis.

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